Frontline PDP Presidential aspirant, Kabiru Tanimu Turaki, SAN, has said that he would rebuild the waning trust and confidence of Nigerians in the leadership of the country, if he wins his party’s primary election and then gets elected as president.

Speaking at an interaction with State Chairmen of PDP in Abuja on Saturday, Tanimu stated that he would first of all tackle the prevailing insecurity which has made homes, streets, offices and businesses unsafe for the people.

He noted that the APC government despite its propaganda has failed to resolve the Boko Haram crisis. This is because, he said, the APC abandoned the standard practice for dealing with such a problem which the PDP government under President Goodluck Jonathan adopted. This he explained could have led to the de-radicalization of the insurgent and make them productive members of the society.

The presidential aspirant who is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria stressed that he would uphold the Rule of Law, and as a first step, he would give directive that all court orders must be obeyed.

While noting that social welfare programmes such as YouWin, SURE-P and similar empowerment schemes established by the PDP had been wiped off by the APC government, Tanimu stressed that employment generation will be high on his agenda, while those unemployable would be given necessary vocational skills training to enhance their employability.

He stated further that with appropriate policies he would restore the confidence of Nigerians and the international investors in the economy, recreate the infrastructural development and build bridges of friendship hitherto witnessed under past PDP Administrations which the APC have now reversed.

He recalled the legacy of the PDP in ensuring an uninterrupted 21 years of democracy, including the seamless transition to an opposition party which President Jonathan facilitated when he stated that ‘his re-election was not worth the spilling of the blood of any Nigerian’.

Tanimu also recalled that the PDP government which at inception in 1999 inherited a weak economy that had prompted Nigerian professionals to seek greener pastures abroad quickly reversed the situation, thereby making Nigerians to have confidence in themselves while the economy which attracted investors subsequently grew to become the best in Africa.

The presidential aspirant also spoke about the PDP’s legacy of massive infrastructural development and the anti-corruption fight through conscious efforts to establish institutions and strengthen them.

He then asked rhetorically: “What is the legacy of APC other than entrenching despotism, nepotism, intimidation, harassment of opposition, insecurity and inflicting poverty on the people?”

Turaki therefore called for synergy among democrats and the opposition parties at this critical moment to reclaim ‘our country from APC’s misrule’.

Chairman, PDP Nasarawa State and Secretary of State Chairmen of the party, Francis Oroju commended the aspirant for his forthrightness, dynamism and passion for the survival of the party, and also for properly dissecting the country’s problems and proffering solutions.

A member of the PDP Board of Trustees and former Chief of Army Staff, General Ishaya Bamaiyi who attested to Tanimu’s integrity counseled members of the party to be brave and be focused to overcome the intimidation and harassment by APC.


Sola Atere
Director Media and Publicity
Kabiru Tanimu Turaki Presidential Campaign Organization
June 23, 2018.


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